10 Ways to Make your Lan Center Competitive

The LAN center business is growing and thriving. Given a few months, your competitors will start showing up soon after you put up yours. This is but a part of owning such a cool business. All that you can do is set your standards and be a step higher than any of your competitors.


How do you make your LAN center Competitive?

  1. Update your PCs and gaming consoles

Make sure that your gaming stations are in working and pristine condition. Always upgrade to the latest PC programs and game versions. Most LAN centers often forgets about the peripherals such as the mouse, headset and keyboard but these are really an  important part of the gaming experience and make sure you replace them once they’re not functioning well.  Nothing, give more a of a negative experience then broken, un-maintained equipment.

  1. It’s all about the couch

Offer the most comfortable place for your customers to play. Gamers would gladly pay for a higher rental fee if the place is cozy and comfortable rather than pay peanuts on LAN centers with poor seating provisions. Remember, your customers would probably spend several hours seated and it would definitely pay off if you give them the best options.

  1. Get your lights on and serve food

Use mood lights to create a relaxed and friendly ambience. It’s enough that your customers would probably be high in adrenaline because of the games they play. Re-create the homey feeling they get when they seat and play at your LAN center.

Since most of your costumers will probably be pulling an all nighter, provide them with refreshments and food that they can buy from your café.

  1. Gear up with a robust cyber café software 

Protect your business and your customers with trusted cyber café software. It has comprehensive features that will benefit your business and provide efficiency and security to your customers.

  1. Host contests, tournaments and more fun games.

Your LAN center was created to entertain. Keep it that way by giving your customers reasons to come back and spend time at your café. Hold tournaments and offer enticing prices for the winners. Think of unique game rules to give your tournament a little twist.


  1. Connect with your customers

Many café management tools offer a feature where you can store a customer’s profile. This way you can set up alerts for your customer’s birthday and offer free play during his day. Or you can have your staff surprise the celebrant a Happy birthday song and a cake!

  1. Give back to the community

Participate in any local advocacies and occasions within your community because this way people (especially parents) would give you much credit than being just a gaming place for the kids.

  1. No School Kids Allowed

Keep parents happy by agreeing on denying students entry during school hours. The last thing you want is angry parents because kids are cutting classes and playing games during school hours. Also, some cities have legislation that if your caught aiding a school age kid ditch class, you can and will be fined.

  1. Market your business like a pro

Create a unique, unconventional and creative advertising for your business. It may also be that you have different marketing efforts to target different types of customers. Posters and flyers won’t cut it. You have to think of ways to market your business and target your customers. Keep in mind that you are selling your Unique Value Proposition and integrate it with your marketing and advertising efforts.

  1. Innovate, Collaborate and Upgrade

Be in the loop about the latest in your industry. Don’t just keep up with the hottest stuff but make new things become the “in” thing. Be a leader in your area and don’t be afraid to try out things. Collaborate with your best customers and listen to what they have to say or suggest and then implement! Upgrade your systems once in a while and make sure you provide nothing but the best.


About the author

Mike Ziarko is the guy behind Smartlaunch, the world’s fastest growing internet café and LAN center software company in the world. Their software is the preferred choice for gamers, and is used in over 120 countries. Visit their website and start a no-obligation free trial today.




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