Wow, totally forgot to edit this page.  Well here it is.  My name is Chris I’ve owned and operated 2 separate LAN Centers that I have sold (@profit).  Gaming and computers are my life.  Its what I do.  I believe when someone walks into a LAN Center they don’t feel they are walking into a business, but they are becoming a part of a community.  Striving for this aspect will make your LAN Center Successful.  You also have to become very intuitive.  You need to understand what your customers are wanting before they ever realize what they are wanting.  I’ve been in LAN Centers where it was presented as franchised cookie-cutter business and ya know what.  It was boring, nothing was original.  And Originality will set you apart from the pack.

My goal with startalancenter.com is to help you with the basic frame work.  Hell you wouldn’t have found this site if you weren’t already interested in starting one.  So let me be your tutor, your mentor even and help you with the tools you need to become successful.  I don’t claim to know all.  I don’t even claim to even know a fraction of what you can do with a LAN Center, but I have done it twice before and was successful at it.

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Left to Right: Mom, Deeds (me), my brother

On another note I’m also extremely active as a motorcyclist. In fact my whole family is  if you will look to your right you’ll see a picture of me, my mom, and brother on our last trip on Route 66 yeah we are kinda covered up.  It was cold as hell!

If you have any questions my email is deeds@startalancenter.com.  Email me for ANYTHING from something you like to something you dislike or something you would like to see.  I’m more then happy to field your questions.