Are no used games a good or a bad thing for Game Center Owners?

Although nothing is yet confirmed ont he validity of the leaks that have been presented thus far, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this.  In short, what I came up with is it all depends on how they are going to prevent the used market.  Because this could have severely negative impacts on console centers.  For Example:  The brand new game associates itself with one console.  Now, those two copies of the new release last week can be played only on the system it was first used on.  Second Example(And the one I hope happens): The game is tied to a PSN or Xbox LIVE account and can be moved from system to system with the account (Now this is going to generate a lot of extra work for console centers, but PC centers have been learning to cope with it for a long time, so therefore it should be doable.)

I’m really interested on how this is all going to pan out and I’m going to try to refrain from making any more predictions until some concrete evidence is available.  But, feel free to discuss in the comment how you think this will affect our current business model.



  1. It isn’t any different than a multiplayer requiring a code. You learn to put certain games on certain consoles and always put that same game back in the corresponding machine.

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