Keeping Non-Windows Programs Updated


Ugh, updating programs.  Hands down one of my least favorite things to do in my old game centers, on client PCs, pretty much anytime.  In my quest the last few weeks to make this process faster for some clients I happened across a program by Secunia called  Personal Software Inspector, or PSI.

Computer Clean-Up: Do I need this Software?

Computer Cleaning

Sometimes when cleaning a clients computer we just don’t know what all the programs that are installed do.  In fact sometimes its down right difficult to tell if they need a program or if it’s just more Adware or Bloatware that is just hindering the computer.

What really caused that BSOD

Blue Screen of Death

As an IT Consultant now, I get a lot of, “My computer crashed and a blue screen came up and my computer restarted”.  At one point I used to sigh really loudly and say, “I’ll look at it; it is probably a Graphics Driver or something”.

Troubleshooting the Playstation 3


First your model number starting with CECH _ _ _ _ _  is found on the white tag on the rear of the system close to the vents and A/V outlets. These range in number from CECHA01 (a 60GB launch model from 2006) to the latest super slim numbers CECH-4000 series.

Fixing PS3 Movie Playing Issues and YLOD


I’ve repaired a few YLOD(Yellow Light of Death) on the PS3.  I had to hobble through half ass information on the internet, and I still don’t believe I did it right.  Then my PS3 started having issues with video playback errors when pulling from a usb HD.  I looked and couldn’t find an easy way […]

DIY: Make your own Cat5e patch cables


This is a money saving tip that I suggest to all Game Center owners.  Learn to make your own patch cables.  Its simple, doesn’t take alot of time and you make cables just as good  and for pennies on the dollar for what they retail for.  You’ll need a RJ-45 crimping tool, and wire strippers […]

Xbox 360 Repair

Xbox 360

Console repair is something you may want to offer if not for your customers then for your own systems. We’ve found that it will save large amounts of time and costs to repair consoles if possible yourself.

DIY Center Repair: Troubleshooting Hard Drives


This is essential little piece of internal hardware on a Game Center PC is one of the two most common points of failure on a Game Center PC.  Btw, the other one is the Power Supply we’ll get into that on another post.  Troubleshooting a hard drive and determining that a hard drive is bad […]