The LAN Center Startup Checklist


Starting a LAN center or any form of business takes a lot of time, money and consideration. Visualizing your business should be simple but actually making it happen can be a daunting task. There are laws and guidelines to follow, competitors to look out for and most of all financial analysis to ponder upon. Starting […]

Funny Tool to help you come up with a Business Name


It recently came up in the forums that someone was having a hard time coming up with something to name their LAN center.  So, I went and looked for some name generators that would possibly help give ideas on what he/she could call the company.  I found this one and thought it was extremely cute.  […]

The Number 1 reason LAN Gaming Centers Fail


I’ve been asked to write something about what I’ve seen that resulted in LAN Centers failing.  I will do so now.  I will tell you now thou, I’m not going to sugar coat it.  I’m going to be honest.  Because, as a business owner you need to always be honest with yourself and the assessment […]

Business Plan: Lan Center Worksheet


I’ve had alot of people asking how to determine how much they will really need for their first year.  Well I was running the majority of them through the list of their expenses that would possibly incur in their first year and telling them to use that to come up with their total startup costs.  […]

CYA: Non-Lubricated Sodomy Protection for Lan Center Owners

Lan gaming center legal Protection

Cover Your Ass (CYA) or Cover Your Own Ass (CYOA) describes professional and organizational practices that serve to protect oneself from legal and administrative penalties, criticism, or other punitive measures. Well I’m not going to define Sodomy for ya, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea I’m trying to get across here.  One of […]

Deed’s Suggested Reading: Small Time Operator

When I started my first business with my wife several years ago I had no idea where to start.  I had an idea and the ambition to make it a reality but as for the business end of things I was lost.  So I started looking for a book that could give me a general […]

Q&A What makes a Successful Lan Center

This post comes from a forum post by Hedg3s found in the forums here. Q: What made your lan center successful? A: That’s an extremely broad question.  I don’t believe anyone one thing makes a lan Center successful or a complete failure.  I believe Lan Centers have a high failure rate due to the fact […]

Choosing a Location for your Lan center

When choosing a location for you lan center you definitely want similar businesses in your area.  I’ve heard plenty of success stories going into the same strip mall as a movie theater or a toy story.  Even in some cases if you want to appeal to an older crowd next to a bar. I personally […]