Keeping Non-Windows Programs Updated


Ugh, updating programs.  Hands down one of my least favorite things to do in my old game centers, on client PCs, pretty much anytime.  In my quest the last few weeks to make this process faster for some clients I happened across a program by Secunia called  Personal Software Inspector, or PSI.

Computer Clean-Up: Do I need this Software?

Computer Cleaning

Sometimes when cleaning a clients computer we just don’t know what all the programs that are installed do.  In fact sometimes its down right difficult to tell if they need a program or if it’s just more Adware or Bloatware that is just hindering the computer.

TOP 10 Most Played LAN CENTER Games


LAN Center games have brought group of friends, gamers and customers alike. Dozens of games have brought them in and sometimes it is hard to keep count who are playing what and how many more could be playing somewhere else. Well, here is a simple guide for the top 10 most played LAN games in […]

March Game Releases GCOs will Care about


The month of March is going to be an exceptional month for releases. We have another gears of war, god of war, bioshock, and starcraft games coming out, so there will be plenty of things for our gamers to do this month.

Are no used games a good or a bad thing for Game Center Owners?


Although nothing is yet confirmed ont he validity of the leaks that have been presented thus far, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this.  In short, what I came up with is it all depends on how they are going to prevent the used market.  Because this could have severely negative impacts on […]

Smartlaunch 4.7.30 releases this week; but the Forums are still down.


Well, gotta hand it to SL that they are still at least working on developing their product even though there has been massive outages with their servers the last week or so.  I think they’ve worked very hard to minimize the impact to their customers.  But, in this business any impact can be a very […]

Upcoming Releases for February GCOs will care about.


Well, I’m going to start a monthly list of big titles that I think most GCOs will be taking a look at. February is actually pretty strong month. I don’t really see any super titles, but definitely a lot of interesting stuff to keep our gamers interested. The list after the break

OnLive: The Lan Center Killer!


Okay, I’ve heard alot about this service.  I’ve had a lot of people ask my opinion on it, and I’ve always said, “I doubt it will change much.”  Well, I finally bit the bullet signed up for an account and began gaming.  I used the computer client for my purposes, but they do have a […]