Day 2: Lan Center Business Plan

This Post is the 2nd part of the 30 Day Game Center Start Up Guide.

Okay we are on day 2 of the 30 day Game Center Startup guide.  If you read Day 1: Game Center Market/Demographic Research you should be well on your way to researching your demographic on the area you propose to setup your Game Center.

Now to the fun part, writing a Lan Center  Business Plan.  This will be a valuable outline for you to have to keep you focus and truly manifest the intentions of your goals.  Football teams don’t take the field without a Gameplan, neither should you.  Think of the Demographic Research of watching previous games of your opponents and the Business Plan as your play your will be using against those opponents.

Most people believe the only reason you write a business plan is to assist you in securing funding.  Although it does play a large part in that it also serves as your gameplan, your means of attack, your strategy.  This is what banks are looking for when they look at a business plan.  How good is your strategy, have you studied your opponents, once you defeat your opponent what’s your strategy for keeping them beat.  Does this Game Plan I mean business plan show promise of becoming the Football Dynasty we rightfully deserve! GO PANTHERS!!! (Okay I’ll stop with the football references)

To summarize the importance of your business plan it will assist you in the following:

  1. Determine Clear goals for your Game Center
  2. Discuss how you plan to obtain those goals
  3. Once you Achieve those goals what you will do to continue growing
  4. How you intent to fund your startup and how you plan on paying it back
  5. It will display to a potential investment source steps 1-4

So its time to consider all those things and put them into a nice readable format.  And that can be achieved by visiting the Small Business Administrations website and following their guidelines to create a business plan.  Some people reading this are probably thinking, “Aww I’ll just pay someone to write it up and make it look good”. And I’m telling, “That’s a Great Idea actually!”.  But I do suggest you visiting that website and writing out your own rough draft.  This will let you materialize your intentions clearly in your own head and help you conceive the magnitude of what you are wanting to take on.  Once this is done, take it to someone who does this professionally (It will possibly cost you between 100-1000 dollars) and let them see what you have come up with and let them guide you to get it bank ready.  There is a reason they do it professionally right?

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  2. Edgar Rodriguez says:

    Yes where are the rest of the 30 day lan center start up this is quite interesting and would be an awsome start up refrence

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