Defiance: Interesting Premise but will it work?

Trion developing a unique open-world shooter (Aka MMO with Guns), slated to release this April that coincides with a Television program created by SyFy.  The name of this game/TV show is Defiance.  Defiance is a town where human and alien struggle to live in peaceful co-existence.  This is all set in a war ravage earth that has been vastly changed by what appears to be alien invasions.  I have yet been able to get in on a BETA, and can find little back story on the Defiance Game website that gave much more information then this.

I think this is where the strength of the show and video game is going to come into play.  You watch the show to get an understanding of the back story of everyone and then you turn around and play the game and get to interact with the characters you just watched on the show.  I believe if the game evolves along with the show, reflecting events that have occurred on the show in the game world as they occur on the show could be a breath of fresh air in a stagnating industry.

I see the weakness of this duo being in SyFy itself.  Trion produced rift which was an interesting take on common class mechanics and class structure and made it their own.  They have a fun game to play and it’s still a subscription based game (Rare in the current MMO environment).  SyFy on the other hand has a rich history of putting on sub-par programming, spending too much on mediocre reality TV  and killing off good shows before they get to hit their stride.  But, it will be nice to watch something other than the “Haunted Collector” on SyFy for once.

This dual marketing concept is going to be extremely interesting to watch play out and in the end I hope is a good thing for the both the show and the game. The game is slated to be release on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the PC on April 2.  I’ve already pre-ordered cause I really want to see what this game is going to be all about.

Either way, I will see this title getting some play in LAN Centers.  Maybe even building a community to do a Watch Party each week before they begin playing the game.


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