Getting publisher licenses for your game center

If you look at most game’s term of use or term of service it will state that you can not use their video games to make any sort of commercial profit. The gray area here is the fact that you are charging to use your computers not necessarily a specific PC game.

Well to cover your backside it is a good idea to get all the publisher licenses that are available to you if you’re going to be carrying a specific publishers games. Unfortunately for you there is not an exceptionally good way to go about acquiring these licenses most publishers will not even talk to an independent game center about purchasing a publishers license to be able to provide their games in your game center. But you do have options, I games is an organization that has been around for quite some time that has been pursuing resources for gaming and LAN center owners. You will have to buy a membership with I games. When I originally signed up for I games it cost me $150 setup fee and an additional $45 a month for the standard member they are adding new resources every day one being game matter which is a license distribution system for game centers(It kinda works like Steam).

Igames had agreements with most major publisher to allow you to get licensing for use in a LAN center enviroment. Some of these publishers include Activision, EA, Stardock, Blizzard, and Microsoft(You’ll need the microsoft one if you plan on using X360s in your game center)

A question you might have is do I really need these licenses and the trick is nobody knows. I haven’t seen anything and I can’t find anything while googling that states any of these publishers have gone after unlicensed LAN centers. I guess it just leads to that safe and not sorry mindset.

On the bright side another benefit of signing up with Igames are showcases, these a publisher supported showcases of their new and upcoming titles and this usually means a discounted rate for their games. Its doesn’t mean Igames will be able to provide you with a showcase for every game that’s coming out but they do their best to provide a showcase for as many games as they possibly can. This is what you membership dues are used for. It allows them to have some buying leverage with the publishers and it usually greases the wheels for publishers to make negotiations with the organization. So as of right now the best way to get as many publisher licenses as possible is to join with Igames pay for their membership and enjoy some of the many benefits of being an Igame member.


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