Getting Steam to close on Game Exit with Smartlaunch

Okay.  Something I struggled with when I first started my LAN center was getting Steam to close on game exit and not being on all the time.  The reason I didn’t want steam open all the time is because people that weren’t allowed to play mature games could just go into the steam window and launch the games and smartlaunch wouldn’t stop them.  But unfortunately the steam client has to be running when your playing a game.  I found this a long time ago on the smartlaunch forums and this allowed me to fix this problem (although its not foolproof)

It also allowed me to use different steam accounts on my pcs then the ones I had from my steam cyber cafe account.  Here is the link to the picture you will also have to do some basic research on setting up steam licenses in smartlaunch. (I’ll probably do a post on this next)  But the most important part of that picture to getting steam to close when you exit games is the arguments: -quit  on the very first box.  That is a fairly new command for the steam client.  By new I mean in the last year or so.  But it actually helped me with alot of my problems when it came to launching steam related games.  For example, Dawn of War 2 uses steam you can’t play it without steam.  But, Dawn of War 2 is not on the cybercafe steam licenses so when my customers wanted to launch Dawn of War 2 I had to make sure there was a seperate batch of steam accounts for the Dawn of War 2 and that Steam was already closed before we tried launching it.  Well I tried writing BAT after bat and none seemed to work right or had a high failure rate.  Then I found this wonderful -quit command.  So when my customer was through playing Left 4 Dead (Which is on my Cybercafe accounts) and began playing Dawn of War 2 (Which is not) my steam would be closed for the start of the next game and the new account name and PW for the different set of accounts could be entered.

I know this article is kinda wordy and probably needs some clarification.  But as always if there is some specific information in this article that needs clear up just leave a comment and I will try my best.



  1. man u saved me many ours of searching! thank you very much!

  2. Man u saved me many ours working on smartlanuch and trying to fix problem…ty :)

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