How To Keep Your Customers Loyal and Happy

One of the biggest challenges in managing a LAN center is how to make your customers happy and come back for more. It would be very awesome if you could make everyday like a grand opening day, but the magic fizzles after a few weeks. So it is best that you come up with a strategy on how to keep them loyal and happy.

Almost every LAN center offers membership and it is just a matter of pricing that closes the deal. We took our time to think out of the box to offer you suggestions and tips to maintain a stream of customers and be an overlord, leading the pack of LAN centers in your community.

Be Unique


Offer something different to your customers that other LAN centers do not, like perhaps install a cotton candy machine for clients with a sweet tooth or a smoking room for smoking clients. If you could change or add more of these kinds monthly, it should interest new customers and will also keep your customers loyal to you. Now, if only McDonalds could open a branch inside your LAN center.

Talk to Them

Engaging in small talk may seem usual, but try to remember what your repeat customers usual habits are inside your LAN center. Walk around for a few minutes each day, see what they do but don’t stalk them like someone in counter-strike waiting to pounce on a enemy, it might spook them. If they are not working or playing intensely with a game, ask them how they are, how is the game going, if the sound and video quality is good or if the network speed is doing great. These small talks would mean a lot to them in the long run and they would feel special because you take some time to talk to them. Who knows, you might learn a few things from the games they are playing or the programs they are using.

Take their membership to the next step


Aside from usual membership discounts and privileges, give your loyal customers something out of the usual, like a free day pass on their birthday or a free hour use for every referral that they make that has successfully signed up for membership. As mentioned above, most LAN centers already have membership programs, even Costco, so you need to step up the program and be unique from the rest.

Send them weekly newsletters and promotions

Make your loyal customers feel more special by sending them a weekly e-mail using the Smartlaunch system. Inform them of upcoming discounts, events and promotions. Give them exclusive passes on computers with special furniture, like a love seat, the next time they visit.

Take a Survey

Surveys are good measuring tool on how is the loyalty and happiness meter is going in your LAN center. It could also be an avenue for suggestions and compliments. If you or your customers hardly speak, leave a survey sheet and a pen on each table and ask if they could answer it after their stay.

Loyal and happy customers feel they are special every time they visit your place, they feel they get the service they paid for and a little bit more and that they are in a place where no other LAN center can provide what they want and what they need. The great news is, it doesn’t have to be expensive to keep them loyal and happy, you just need to be creative.

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