Is the Wii U going to be a total Flop?

Sales for Nintendo’s newest system the Wii U have been plummeting and according to gamasutra the Wii U sold well under 100,000 units last month.  This isn’t the first time Nintendo has experienced rough patches, the Game Cube did equally as bad in its early days, and in fact right before the original Wii launched Nintendo had its worse sales month.  Now, I believe that can be attributed to people were waiting for the Wii to come out.  But, right now the Wii U is putting up  numbers month after month consistent with this time period and this is a new system, doesn’t bode well for the company

An article I read at yahoo news  is calling into question if this is the beginning of the end for Nintendo.  Personally, I believe Nintendo will always have their niche on the handheld systems, but personally everything I’ve seen on their home consoles the last 3 generations have been extremely lack luster.  Your average game center carries only 1-4 Nintendo systems and quadruple that number typical for the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 (Really depends on what type of game center you’re at).  When I personally ran a Game Center I had 2 Wii’s and 1 Game Cube.  I had 20 stations of Xbox and PlayStation consoles.  There was just not a demand for the system.

Could this be a sign of the beginning of the end for Nintendo?



  1. WiiU isn’t beginning of the end. By this philosophy, N64 was beginning of the end, but Nintendo still made profits on all their systems. Recently a microsoft exec stated that XBOX has been a nigh on waste of time from its inception. One major point everyone is still ignoring is the economy. Its collapsed. Im almost certain when 720/PS4 release with likely much higher prices (my deluxe WiiU even included a decent game). Microsoft and Sony will be hit with the same blow. Nobody, at least where I live, Adelaide, South Australia, can afford anything. I got a mortgage at less than 5.5%.
    When a full blown Mario title comes, Wind waker, New Zelda, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta, Mario Kart, Smash Bros and even the new WiiU fit which can hit the mainstream how Wii sports fitness games did. They will all be system sellers and sell millions. That’s not even mentioning things like a new Metroid, Nintendos unamed new IPs or Starfox or Donkey kongs.
    Call it Nintendo’s cliche victory, but they will do well.
    When 720/PS4 arrives, they’ll be the systems awaiting 6 months to get games While WiiU will cost less with AAA games sitting on it.
    Nintendo is likely deliberately taking their spare lead time to develop their games and release then near the end of the year to stunt the competitor launches

  2. This is why I hated Microsoft for coming into the gaming center. Their marketing hoopla bullcrap came with it.
    X amount of sales… Sets records… Sold out…. Milions… This is how they try to dominate. “don’t sell people what they want, make people want what you sell” bill gates.
    I truly hope this returns to bite microsft in the a$$. Consels will do exactly what you claimed this time around epically if the cost of games goes up for aaa titles, of which will then put nintendo right back where it was with the wii, the affordable gaming console that is kid friendly. This is what will sell next holiday.
    But this numbers crap needs to go or it will ruin gaming Consels for good. Or maybe that is what Microsoft is trying to do,… Recapitalize the pc by killing off consoles with over saturation and killing it by creating the great divide.? Food for thought.

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