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Keeping Non-Windows Programs Updated

Ugh, updating programs.  Hands down one of my least favorite things to do in my old game centers, on client PCs, pretty much anytime.  In my quest the last few weeks to make this process faster for some clients I happened across a program by Secunia called  Personal Software Inspector, or PSI.

Computer Cleaning

Computer Clean-Up: Do I need this Software?

Sometimes when cleaning a clients computer we just don’t know what all the programs that are installed do.  In fact sometimes its down right difficult to tell if they need a program or if it’s just more Adware or Bloatware that is just hindering the computer.

Blue Screen of Death

What really caused that BSOD

As an IT Consultant now, I get a lot of, “My computer crashed and a blue screen came up and my computer restarted”.  At one point I used to sigh really loudly and say, “I’ll look at it; it is probably a Graphics Driver or something”.


The Power of Social Media in Your Business

Almost everyone you know owns an account or two on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Even pet cats and dogs have one too! Social Media is the way to keep in touch with family and friends but it is also proven to be the most effective tool in reaching out to customers […]


Review Spot: The Last of Us

The Last of Us by Naughty Dog (the same developer as the Uncharted series and Crash Bandicoot) has been getting rave reviews from every direction. Without revealing too much of the story you’re a survivor in an ugly future where a fungus has turned a lot of people into killer mushroom looking zombies that want […]


Dead Island Riptide Steam Key Give-Away!

We are giving away a free steam key to Dead Island Riptide.  The winner will be chosen on June 4th.  How to get qualified you just have to like startalancenter’s facebook page here, and share the give-away picture here. That’s all that’s too it, I’ll be contacting the randomly drawn winner on June 4th with […]


Why Your Internet Cafe Needs A Great Website

Technology evolves so fast that we find it hard to keep up with the latest gadgets and electronics. Back in the day when we need to find a phone number we simply use a phone book or a directory or for most countries, the yellow pages. Soon enough you can call a directory company to […]


What the Top LAN Centers Have in Common

When you check out your map, there could be hundreds or thousands of LAN center in your state or region, but only a few stand out as one of the best. Surely all of them have computers, a decent internet connection, tables and chairs, but what do top LAN centers have and what do they […]


Troubleshooting the Playstation 3

First your model number starting with CECH _ _ _ _ _  is found on the white tag on the rear of the system close to the vents and A/V outlets. These range in number from CECHA01 (a 60GB launch model from 2006) to the latest super slim numbers CECH-4000 series.


Review Spot: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice by NetherRealm Studios (same developer as the most recent installment of Mortal Kombat) doesn’t do anything new or ground breaking but it does deliver some brain bashing entertainment that every comic book and fighting game fan should enjoy. All of the fighting is more or less your classic 2D one on one, however there […]