PlayStation 4 to stream PS1 & PS2 using Gaikai

Well, according to the news on yahoo.  The PlayStation 4 might have the ability to stream older PS1 and PS2 titles to the upcoming PS4.  Again this is all rumors but it would be an awesome feature if we were able to do this.

Question I have thou, if I already have a physical copy of the classic I want to play, am I going to have to buy it again through the streaming service Gaikai that Sony acquired, or better yet, what about the psone classics I’ve already bought on PSN.  We’ll those still be available to me through this new model it seems Sony is going to use?

As a Game Center owner if this rumor turns out to be true, it will be a great thing because it will allow all of our PS4 machines to also be retro gaming consoles.  I’m just getting more and more excited for tomorrow to get some concrete confirmation on all these leaks.


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