Review: Dead Space 3

I’ve always been an avid Dead Space fan.  I loved the concept of the HUD being completely part of our suit and weapon, it was something the game did that was pretty innovative.  Now, here we are with dead space 3 and we have all the things in place that make Dead Space, plus a whole lot more new stuff. Below I’ve inserted a very funny parody by gamesradar to get you caught up on the lore of the game.

First up,  the crafting system.  It’s very in-depth and fun to tinker with my weapons to find exactly the right combinations of what I like.  (By the way, the Telemetry Spike, converted to a chain gun with a Stasis coating is insane, couple it with a force gun and you have a beast) There’s no currency in game anymore,  currency is handled in the form of resources such as, Tungsten, Scrap Metal, and other Resources.  Instead of buying med-pack you will be crafting them, the same goes for ammo and stasis packs.  I find this a refreshing change, especially when they give you salvage bots to help you find more resources in an automated fashion.  So, the crafting system is a great addition.

Next I’m going to move onto what annoyed me the most.  The environment.  You get to change locations at one point during the game but other than that the environment becoming extremely repetitive very fast.  At very long intervals of the game you will be going through identical looking warehouses to identical looking warehouses and you begin to know instinctively because of the environmental layout when your about to get swarmed with Necromorphs, yes I said swarmed with necromorphs that brings me to the next section.

Pacing, in Dead Space 3 is a lot more action oriented then what fans of the franchise will be used to.  There is really no more subtly scaring you with the random Necromorph popping up and trying to eat you.  In Dead Space 1 and 2 you would get the majority of your scares and adrenaline rushes through the apprehensive feel of the environment.  That’s not longer the case with Dead Space 3.  You will now get your thrills by battling your way through swarms of necromorphs hell-bent on ending Isaac Clarke (Yes you still play as Isaac)

With the more action and frenzy paced environment it will be a good idea to team up with a friend and co-op the game.  Yes you can co-op and it is very well done and incredibly more satisfying working in co-op with a friend. This hands down was my favorite feature of the game.  My friend and I both got yelled at by our wives at approximately 3 a.m. for playing roughly 8 hours together.  We are now in the process of going back through the game on harder modes, which doesn’t feel quite as tedious with a friend. Down side to all this is there is no LAN Co-op  in the game.  (Well at least not on the PC version I used to review)

The visuals with the game are on par with what you have come to expect with big title release on the current generation of consoles.  Everything is sharp and crisp.  One thing I did notice is that I didn’t have issues with severed limbs spinning wildly in place as often as I have in previous games.  It did happen, but not as often.

The music is appropriately creepy but nothing that I will be humming in the shower in the morning.  I does however do a great job setting the mode in intense scenes.

So to wrap this up.

The Great:

  • Crafting
  • Co-op
  • Re-playability

The Good:

  • More intense action
  • Story

The Bad:

  • Bland Over-Used Environments


So, for a person purchase this is a game any gamer would be hard pressed not to have in their library.  Make your purchase here.   As for purchasing for a game center.  Purchases 2 copies on whatever system is the most played at your center and that should be more than sufficient.  I’ve talked to other GCOs on this title and it appears only the hardcore are looking to play it.  Maybe, if we emphasis the fact there are now co-op options our customers will be more geared towards playing it. Below is some game play footage found on YouTube.

Well that wraps this review up,  next game I review might possibly be the new Devil May Cry reboot, but don’t look for that review soon because I’m too busy playing Dead Space 3 and once Metal Gear Rising comes out I will probably be deeply involved with that title.  Till next time guys.


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