Review Spot: Bioshock: Infinite

Bioshock Infinite was delayed a few times, so I was concerned that there would be some issues.  I picked this game up early Tuesday and could not put it down.  My worries washed away once I saw the vivid colors, weapons, powers,  characters, and weird twisted alternate universes they exist in. I have played other Bioshock games briefly and didn’t really know what to expect from Infinite.There are some very clear political messages in the game.  The story line deals with equality, religion, and an alternate history of a floating city in post civil war era United States. The world the story takes place in is different from Rapture. Columbia is colorful and nice looking, with some very dark secrets. The game play and puzzles are both very well done. The transition between the story and missions or battles is very fluid and kept my attention with ease.
The Sky Hook travel system and the way Bioshock uses it as a weapon is very cool and fast. There are multiple guns and abilities (vigors) that you can combine in various ways to deal with the various mechanical and human enemies you face. You can shock, burn, throw, and even have crows peck your enemies to death.
It’s a beautifully illustrated universe with plenty of cool elements and weapons. The characters develop nicely and I found myself really pulling for the heroes.  Which made it that much more fun to deal with the bad guys.  The animations seem like something out of the Disney realm, though much darker, with some steam punk elements. It creates a very interesting mix and the game plays pretty flawlessly.  I’d recommend picking Bioshock Infinite up even if you haven’t played the other games in the series. If you’re unsure rent it or try it at your local game center.





  1. Jemere Wade says:

    Love this game, I literally just started playing this today and there were quite a few “OMG” moments as are usually the case with Bioshock. I’m only a few hours in and I already think this is the best in the series. and it also came out the day before my birthday, so Win-Win for me :)

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