Review Spot: Tomb Raider, and I hated the old Tomb Raider


I’ve got to start off by saying this.  I’ve always hated the past Tomb Raider titles.  I thought they were boring, had clunky mechanics, and very bad pacing.   Oh, and I tend to like heavy fantasy games.

Okay, Lara Croft the main character vaguely resembles previous Lara Croft models (Other than general clothing).  I have to say that’s a breath of fresh air.  This is a prequel story and gives us insight on to how Lara Croft became to be the tomb raiding badass we all know and love.   She’s portrayed as sweet and innocent with a very optimistic view of life.  It’s not all been great for her,  you can tell she is one that has grown up in the shadow of a greater man.  Her father is often spoken of in the game and it really lends to the development of Lara and her motivations.   Now to the meat of the review,  this review is done from the PC stand point with graphics turned up to ultra.

Gameplay 5/5

This had to be the most fun I’ve had playing an adventure game in years.  The mechanics were smooth.  The Puzzles weren’t overly complicated, but not overly dumb either.  The  pacing had to be about the best paced game I’ve played ever.  Yes, I’ve played a lot of games, and the pacing of the gameplay and story elements were sublime.  I didn’t want to put the controller down (Yeah I know I played it on a PC with a controller).   Every time I thought I was about to hit a lull in the game play I was immediately drawn into another story element.  Or I used Lara’s “Instinct” (Basically a way to help you find stuff in the lush environments and keep you from getting lost) and found something I just had to get because, damn it, I can’t figure out how to get to it.  Transitioning to weapons in fight scenarios were smooth and intuitive.  Switching weapons were very easy and each weapon had a purpose.  I couldn’t just stick to one type of gun and run the whole game effectively, I had to make use of each and every weapon I had.

Graphics 4.5/5

Thank you Crystal Dynamics for realizing your game is not only going to be played on the console and allow my PC to flex its very expensive graphics card.  Tomb Raider has built-in settings for raising the graphics to limitless levels if your rig can handle it.  I really appreciate this.  I knocked off .5 of a point because of clipping that would sometimes occur in terrain.  It happens nobody is perfect to me in the graphics department.  But, you were almost perfect.

The environments are well done, and transitioning from each environment is handled flawlessly.  The action scenes were incredible and got my heart pumping as I got excited.  Oh and thanks for not making death scenes take forever.  That’s much appreciated because I played on hard and I died a lot


Replay Value 3/5

If you collect everything on your first time through, you’ll have a hard time justifying going back on a harder difficulty.  I expected this so played the game on Hard from the get go.  I got 95% completion at the end and it took me 30 minutes after that to get up to 100%.  On hard difficulty it took me about 15 hours to beat the game.  I’m just not that great of an adventure gamer so I died a lot.  Without selective dialogue I see absolutely no reason for me to go back and play Tomb Raider again.  I enjoyed it, I recommend it to friends.  I just probably won’t play it again.  We’ll actually I didn’t test the multi-player out at all because I had no one to play with so I might go back and try that out.  If it changes my opinion I’ll definitely update this review

Overall Score 4.5/5

This is great game, definitely rent it.  I would even suggest buying it if you like multi-player and have people to play with. (I hate pick up groups)  It’s definitely a game you can spend a weekend playing and not feel like you wasted your time.



  1. you clearly have no taste then, the Tomb Raider titles on the ps1, were clearly the best ones, they had puzzles, a great story line, long game play, they were difficult, what more could you need

    • Not the first time I’ve been accused of that. I personally just could never get into the original games no matter how hard I tried. Now that I’m older maybe the shorter more action packed story line resonates with me because of my limited amount of time I now have to play games. I personally like the reboot thou.

      • I respect your opinion but it is really made easy really a skill tree that what made far cry 3 easier also MP on a tomb raider no thank you

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