Smartlaunch: Adding Steam Games not Included in the Cafe Program

This is  a guest post by Robert Steele of Level up in Augusta, Georgia to help assist in installing non-cybercafe steam games in smartlaunch. Robert is one of SALC’s first game-center owners that started on SALC and remains a very active member on SALC.  Feel free to check out his website at (I swear to you Robert I will put up the picture with me wearing your shirt soon) This is a living document and will change as we get better screen shots or need to make the document more user friendly.  

Level Up Game Center is currently involved in a showcase through iGames for Civilization V. This is a new release and isn’t included in the Internet cafe program through steam so we had to create new steam accounts, add the accounts to the Smartlaunch server, and add the game to the Application Manager. It’s easy enough to do and I’ll take you through the steps to add this game or any other that you purchase or receive keys for through Steam. 


  •  First we made new Steam accounts for each of the PC’s we planned to use for this showcase. Once you set up the new accounts, passwords, and emails , download and install the game. We used gmail and yahoo accounts, but whatever email you find easiest to use is good. I don’t suggest gmail due to the absurd amount of bot filters they have you go through.



  •  For the next step log in to the Smartlaunch Server click Settings then the Application Management tab then entered the License Management and added all of the account names and passwords that were just created.



  • If you have existing Steam Cyber Cafe accounts that is fine but you will click Add >> Preset >> Steam  (Yes you will have two lists of Steam Accounts, 1 being your cybercafe accounts, and 1 being the new accounts for the game your adding make sure when you add you game you use the correct list of steam accounts for the game)


Your user names and passwords would be in the blank space above.  

  • Click Applications add the game Name, Executable path, Arguments, and Working Directory. For this game on our PC’s it looks like this (our set up is Windows 7 64-bit): 

(I guess this depends on what the drive letter and save location is for this part)  
  •  Next click the tab with PUF and Licensing select Steam, other, and enter the game ID number in this case it was 8930. (Makes sure you choose the correct list of Steam Acounts for the game  in the PUF Licensing section) 


  •   You can enter a game image, description, and homepage if you want ( I haven’t done that for most of the games we have yet) 


 After that you should be able to log in to any of your PC’s (that have the game downloaded) and play it just like any of your other games. 


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