TOP 10 Most Played LAN CENTER Games

LAN Center games have brought group of friends, gamers and customers alike. Dozens of games have brought them in and sometimes it is hard to keep count who are playing what and how many more could be playing somewhere else. Well, here is a simple guide for the top 10 most played LAN games in no special order:

1. Warcraft III: Defense of The Ancients (DoTA)


Tis actually started just a map for Blizzard’s Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, and now is one of the most popular games ever played worldwide. No more long period of building and skirmishing like in the campaign from the original game, instead players can team together however they want and start killing monsters, build/buy items right from the start, attack other players and level up. The game ends when a player or group of players destroy the opponent’s Nexus (a structure in the middle of each team’s base). Valve Corporation has released DotA 2.


2. League of Legends (LoL)
Inspired by Blizzard’s Warcraft III: Defense of The Ancients (DoTA), this is a free-to-play multiplayer online game where players battle 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3, formed into 2 teams with the goal similar to “capture the flag”. This game, like DoTA, kept players hooked because of its intuitive system: No one is more powerful than the other and purely hand to mouse skill based, many items to buy or create, many possibilities on how you can set up your team and multiple possibilities of gaining experience along the game.


3. World of Warcraft (WoW)
world of warcraft
Blizzard’s strategy game turned Role Playing (RPG), this massive multiplayer online game has been warmly received by global players. Fairly similar to its sister game: Diablo, World of Warcraft lets you play the warcraft universe in a single character’s point of view. You start off as a level 1 character, hack and slash your way through and as your character grow stronger you can join guilds, take part in Player versus Player combats and finish the ever classical quests.

4. Counter-Strike
Must be one of the long-standing first person shooter game played on earth and is still being played worldwide, especially on LAN Centers. Players can join in as Terrorist or counter terrorist (sometimes as a spectator, but where is the fun in that, right?), purchase different kinds of guns in-game while in their start point and then shoot down their opponents completely until one group is left and declared as the winner. Players love this game because it is fast, level competition and quick game turnover. It’s not the weapon they use but the skill they have on how to use them, whether it is a knife or a sniper riffle. Boom! Head shot!


This was a much-anticipated game from players worldwide because its prequel was so loved and appreciated by every gamers. The game itself exceeded its expectations and continued the legacy of its predecessors by adding awesome quests and now a much wider interaction with other players. Like any other Role Playing game, you start as a level one character, hacking and slashing your way through different maps and levels with multiple possibilities of getting items, rare or not, and enjoy a good story line.  It received positive reviews except for the fact that you can only play the game with an active internet connection all times.


6. Call of Duty
Like Counter-Strike, this is a first and third person shooter game in a realistic war like setting. It started with a World War 2 theme and the later game releases are set on a much modern time. The game has missions that you can complete and there are maps and instances that you can play with other gamers as well. The latest installation of the series is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


7. Guild Wars
Another Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that has hit the gamers like a storm. Very similar to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft except in Guild Wars, you can gain experience (and level up) by performing some skilled tasks like fishing, cooking and the likes (sounds boring but it is part of the game and a good way to kill time in-game). Developer ArenaNet has released its sequel: Guild Wars 2 just last August 28, 2012 with a more progressing storyline.


8. Grand Theft Auto
It is not your usual multiplayer game but a lot of gamers got hooked into this game. Each game in the series allows the player to rise into the ranks within a criminal ring, set in a city depending on the version of the game. There are missions to keep the gamer interested or simply whack a pedestrian with a bat can sometimes to the trick. The great thing about the series is that it is developed as a free roaming game that gives a lot of freedom on what players can do in game, i.e. the bat. Real life consequences occur as well like a high-speed chase with the cops and a helicopter is included.


9. Starcraft II
The sequel of another Blizzard entertainment’s award winning games, Starcraft II was warmly received by the worldwide gaming circle warmly last 2010. With similar Real Time Strategy (RTS) games, the gamer is set to choose and build up from one of the original 3 races. Unlike its predecessor, it still doesn’t have LAN capabilities but all network or multiplayer games are routed to the Blizzard’s gaming servers.


10. Borderlands
One of the most mentioned game in the internet and one of the most unique being a Role Playing Shooter game (RPG plus first person shooter). Players get to choose from 4 characters and then make their way into quests and missions in-game to receive rewards and bounties. Players get to receive experience points as well and level up like any RPG game, and upgrade weapons and items like any shooting game. The game is available in different platforms as well and has released its latest sequel: Borderlands 2.

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