Troubleshooting the Playstation 3

First your model number starting with CECH _ _ _ _ _  is found on the white tag on the rear of the system close to the vents and A/V outlets. These range in number from CECHA01 (a 60GB launch model from 2006) to the latest super slim numbers CECH-4000 series.
This will tell us several things: the model of the laser, size of the hard drive, date production started, where it was released, power supply, PS2 support if any, and number of USB ports.There are certain problems that usually occur with certain models the more information you can share about the problems with your PS3 will make it easier to decide what is causing the issues.
There are usually only several things that can cause problems with the PS3:

  • No Audio or video displayed sometimes the A/V settings need to be reset. Press down the power button listen for the second beep (I think it’s like 5-10 seconds after the system powers up). If this doesn’t fix it there could be an issue with the outlet on the PS3, it could be a fried part on the motherboard, or an over heating related issue.
  • Hard drive issues can cause freezing, problems upon start-up, problems with the wireless and blue tooth, and internet issues.
  • Blu-ray drive issues usually cause games to freeze or randomly not be recognized at all.
  • Power supply issues will cause the light on the front to just go out. I have seen outlets that cause issues for consoles if there is an electrical problem as well, but it isn’t common most places.
  • Motherboard issues or over heating will cause yellow or red flashing lights and loud fan noises. The system will not start-up or only stay on a short time before flashing lights and beeping. (Power supplies can cause flashing lights but more often it’s an overheating/mobo problem if the lights flash.)

Before you post asking what’s wrong always try to boot to the safe menu. You do this by holding down the power button and listening for 2 fast beeps. Select option 3 this will check your hard drive for errors while not messing with the actual save files.

It’s also a good idea if you haven’t already to back up your saves to a flash drive or external hard drive. Some saves don’t carry over this way and need Playstation Plus to have the files backed up. The more details you give the better options we can give you about having your system repaired or if it’s better to just replace it.

Things like where the system is located, do pets have access, dogs and cats pee on things and this can cause major issues, as well as pet hair clogging the fan and cooling vents inside. Roaches inside your console are there because it’s nice and warm, if there are real bugs in your system trash it. No repair shop wants it and even if they fix it you’re probably living with them so that means they will return the warmth of the console as soon as you get it back home. Inside cabinets are the worst place to have your console. No air flow, heat can’t escape properly and will eventually cause problems. Spilling soda, water, or other liquids can short out your power supply and/or mother board. Compressed air rarely does anything since all the cooling system parts are on the interior it requires at least taking off the top of the system which will void the warranty.

This isn’t a complete list of all issues just the ones I see most often. Some things are easier to fix than others and sometimes it is better to just replace the system.


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