What the Top LAN Centers Have in Common

When you check out your map, there could be hundreds or thousands of LAN center in your state or region, but only a few stand out as one of the best. Surely all of them have computers, a decent internet connection, tables and chairs, but what do top LAN centers have and what do they have in common?

Good Hardware and Connection


Top LAN centers invest in their computers, consoles and a notch-higher-than-standard internet connection. It is their “bread and butter”, the lifeblood of the whole operation and they must always be in top shape. These are basic and very simple things yet very important since customers look for a place where they will get the best experience.

Rewarding Membership Program

Most LAN centers have a membership program, but what separates the best from the rest is a rewarding membership program. Satisfied customers who are also members of the LAN center will not only keep on returning but will also invite others to join in because of the benefits they get each time they play or work. Loyal customers never forget their favourite LAN center because their LAN center always remembers them, even on their birthdays.

Staff with a Good Personality

A staff that is just in it for the money or just up to the technical stuff will just sustain the current degree of hype your LAN center have. But an employee who has a great personality can hype up the center and give customers an overall different kind of experience. Imagine a customer fist bumping with the cashier, slamming high fives with another employee and talking about the good stuff, who wouldn’t want to go back to this place? Great LAN centers know their customers as much their computers and they know that they must invest in their hardware as much as in their people.


Running a tournament is not easy but if you would notice, most prominent or famous LAN centers run or have ran more than half a dozen tournaments already. It is a very tedious task and overhead cost to run such is bigger than normal operations but this is simply one of the best opportunity for a LAN center become well known. Local players, including your loyal customers, will join in, friends of friends, players from other cities and even from farther areas may arrive as well because the gaming community is so rich and competitive that they will try to do everything to show off their skills.



Top LAN centers are quite unique because they offer a variety of consoles, games and programs. There are many reasons customers go to them and they could provide almost every game, even probably Guitar Hero. Some customers already have computers at home so they might want to try out something different like Xbox or Wii. Offering more choices for your customers to choose from broadens your market and adds value to your LAN center.

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