Why Your Internet Cafe Needs A Great Website

Technology evolves so fast that we find it hard to keep up with the latest gadgets and electronics. Back in the day when we need to find a phone number we simply use a phone book or a directory or for most countries, the yellow pages. Soon enough you can call a directory company to ask even the address of the person you need to talk to. In present time, we can do all these but faster and more efficient using the world-wide web, or better known as the internet. All we do is either find it in some social media or simply “Google” it.


So how would your potential customers find you if they don’t have yellow pages, they don’t have any phone directory of some sort and you don’t have a website? You only take your marketing chances from the people passing by, walking or on the road, and hopefully they grow like wild-fire. It is now time for you to Google another company near you to help you setup your awesome website and start to get noticed in the matrix.

Benefits of having a great website for your LAN center


1. Advertise your LAN center in a cheaper, more flexible and for a longer period of time as compared to print media. You can give tons of information and even visual presentations without worrying the cost of time and space. All your promotions will show up how you want it and when you want it, unlike the limitations that you have when advertising on print.

2. Make all of your internet café’s information (address, operating hours, types of consoles, etc) available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without hiring someone to man the phones and answer inquiries.

3. A website can improve the credibility of your business because it gives you an opportunity to tell your customers why your place is the best in town. Depending on the design, it will also show the level of professionalism that your business portrays. It also gives you a competitive edge against other LAN centers that still doesn’t have a website.

4. Using your website to promote your tournaments and events, it can broaden your customer base and ultimately increase your profit. With a website, you are not just making your internet café known locally, but to the whole world!

5. Your website could become another point of revenue. You could sell other products online like computer mouse, keyboards and hard drives, or you could sell something entirely not related to your business, like t-shirts, caps and more. You can even earn by letting other companies advertise inside your website.

6. Easily update your information faster and more efficient. When you change your business address or you need to change phone numbers, you can easily redirect your customers to the right information in a snap. Yellow pages can’t recall all the directories they sent out just to change someone’s phone number.

7. A website can provide convenience and ease for your customers. With the help of Smartlaunch  API and an e-commerce / payment gateway, members can top up their account using their home computer of Smartphone, visit your café, log in and fire away! They can easily check what games you offer and what programs you have installed, saving them, and yourself, a lot of time enumerating those software. If you have 300 games installed, imagine narrating them alphabetically or by genre to all who asks for it.

These are the benefits and reasons why you need to have a website for your Internet Café already and there are perhaps more benefits you could get from it. It is relatively cheap and all you need to do is be creative! Now get those brain cells working and imagine how you want your website to look like and call the right people to set it up for you.

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Mike Ziarko is the guy behind Smartlaunch, the world’s fastest growing internet café and LAN center software company in the world. Their software is the preferred choice for gamers, and is used in over 120 countries. Visit Smartlaunch and start a no obligation free trial today.


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