Xbox founder says he could kill “Xbox, Playstation, and Wii U” with Apple TV

Was forwarded an article by a long time reader about how one of the original Xbox founder stated that Apple TV gaming could just right out kill Xbox, Playstation, and Wii U.

Well I don’t know about Playstation (That’s my personal opinion not the Founder, he still thinks apple tv can defeat them all).  But, I could definitely see Apple taking down Xbox and Wii U easily.  When Apple wants something it gets it.  Remember iPods guys.  They weren’t the first to the market they just were the best at marketing in the market.

This article goes on to state the only reason Xbox is doing so well is because Nintendo and Sony have had some pretty big blunders.  I agree with this wholeheartedly.  Remember PSN being down for weeks a year or so ago, because someone hacked their shitty security?

Microsoft definitely makes it difficult for independent developers to develop for their system.  It’s next to impossible to make money, that’s why all the indies are flocking to platforms like steam (That’s another company I sincerely believe could revolutionize console gaming).  In fact steam is coming out with a console last I checked.  Now that could change the industry.  My brother is a developer and attempted to develop a game with a team  on Xbox Live, it didn’t work out,  it just wasn’t feasible for them to develop for the platform with the limited budget they had available.  They ended up changing their game plan and are going to try to be published on steam, under the new Green-Light program.

I can’t look anywhere these days without someone playing a game on their iOS device.  Hell I’m even playing 4 pictures 1 word right now with my wife.  This casual gaming environment is going to do nothing but become stronger and stronger, and Apple is great at exploiting the casual environment.  Honestly, Apple will make their killing on the female demographic.  I’ve spent 120 in games the last month for Xbox and Playstation respectively.  My wife has bought 10 games for a grand total of 79.80.  In fact, I borrow her iPhone to play some of these games.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?  Because, I personally think Apple could do it if it became something they wanted to set their sights on.



  1. The reason why consoles still exist is because Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony each develop about 50 games a year and have a huge economic investment in game development. Valve on the other hand, who with Steam have an even greater user base and yearly profit than Sony have, develop 1 game every 2 years. If they bothered to invest in the medium rather than being a parasite taking 30% of every game published on Steam, then console gaming might be already dead.

    Gaming on an Iphone is a totally different experience and not one that can replace proper gaming. Apple have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to gaming. Unless they spend billions and buy EA, Activision and Take Two to develop exclusively for Apple TV, I don’t see the 3 console makers dying any time soon.

  2. But what’s going on at Valve? Are they hurting for money now too? They just fired some of their hardware people. Strange time to be firing people who work on your new console.

  3. While this Xbox founder has made mention to some interesting points concerning the new direction Microsoft has taken with the Xbox 360, he is getting a little bit beside himself with the mentioned topic at hand. To be frank, and with all due respect to mighty house the Jobs built, Apple TV would not hold a candle to the current marketshare influence and brand loyalty which the Playstation, Nintendo and Microsoft gaming brands possess. While Apple clearly dominates the mobile gaming market with a plethora of extremely affordable gaming apps for iOS devices, this same experience doesn’t foster the same interactive fix gamers crave for their living room experience. If attempted by Apple they would lose more than they would gain.

    As Val mentions above, Apple would need to come to the party featuring an unrivaled list of first party publishers under their umbrella in order to pose this sort of dominating position against the current climate of popular console manufacturers

  4. I believe dave and busters already has some of these tablet/phone games in their locations.
    Ouya is releasing soon and this system is cheap and will support these types of games as well. The popularity of games like minecraft and angry birds shows how much these types of games reach. I don’t think it can totally replace pc and console gaming but it already competes with it.

    I’m sure that steam’s recent lay offs have to do with insurance and the tax brackets not to mention rumors of a movie, game combo deal with hollywood. Those salaries plus the other costs of those same employees is a huge chunk of cash to be put into other projects.

    Time will tell if they can invent a game that can pull players away from the other sides of the gamesphere (great name for a lan center I think).

    Rarely do video games reach the popularity of WoW, LoL, COD, and HALO. However these video games hold reail sales records over blockbuster movies. Sorry for any bad grammmar on the phone.

  5. Jeremy Spillen says:

    One thing doesn’t seem to be popping up in many discussions of casual games. It’s a one-dimensional, surface level experience. Once you’ve tried out enough of these casual games, you just realize gaming is fun. And gradually you would seek a more robust experience… and that’s what brings us back to console gaming.

    I’m a core gamer; had both Atari and Coleco home consoles. I’ve just continued gaming throughout high school, college, and even into a successful marraige. My point being that after an hour with Angry Birds I was bored. After trying to touch screen around various characters I was frustrated. I want to become attached to my characters, and help them grow… even if that means growing WICKED EVIL !!! I freakin love it, and that is an experience that casual gaming doesn’t give me. So while the casual market grows it farms for the core gaming market. Not everyone will find a next notch of immersment. But many, many will find a game that is the next step from the casual games they were introduced by.

    Think about how the Wii led so many young people to buy PS3’s or XBox’s. I personally know at least 10 families who eventually upgraded to satiate the kids expanded gaming wants.

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